NO EMPY Dolphin Discovery (Organizadores Quintana Roo)

Dolphin Discovery

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Bodas en Dolphin Discovery Un momento único en contacto con la naturaleza Una boda es un momento especial en la vida. Celebra al estilo Dolphin Discovery y conviértela en una ocasión única e inolvidable. Descubre tu naturaleza de delfín con nuestros Programas de Bodas , una manera muy original pa


The world most exclusive program designed to exceed all your expectations. Feel the rush of being pushed by two dolphins at top speed by your feet across the water. Another fun activity is the dorsal tow; the dolphins will take you through the water surface as you are holding on their dorsal fin. This program has it all! Adventure and fun! Behaviors: Foot Push, Dorsal Tow, Hand Shake, Kiss, Hand Target, Clock, Free Time, Hug Dolphin Program Time: 70 minutes Take an exciting ride at full speed on the dolphin's belly holding on to its pectoral fins. In this program, you'll get the chance to interact with the dolphins like you've never imagined. Your friendly dolphin greets you with a kiss and handshake; he will also push you across the water surface while you ride a boogie board. Behaviors: Belly ride, Boogie Board Push, Hand Shake, Kiss, Hand Target, Free Time, Hug Dolphin Program Time: 60 minutes This program was created for everyone willing to have a great learning experience and learn more about these wonderful animals while having fun playing with them. You'll be able to play and swim with them, shake their fins and get an unforgettable kiss! Behaviors: Hand Shake, Kiss, Hand Target, Free Time, Hug Dolphin Program Time: 50 minutes

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